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Website Design

Pole Position Marketing can design a beautiful, professional website for you that will, above all, clearly deliver your company's message.

Aesthetics Meets User Experience

Website designers love to do creative things with sites to give them that “wow” aesthetic experience. That’s great, provided that the design also serves the ultimate master: the website’s message.?We will ensure that?your website not only looks beautiful but serves as an effective vehicle for your message, leading visitors through your site and to conversion.

The Process

The actual design of your site is broken down into several phases. Because we employ a “mobile first” philosophy to web development, we will produce two sets of wire frames, one for mobile and one for desktop sites. Once the wire frames are approved, we’ll work on design comps. The first set of comps will be grayscale so that color preferences don’t influence design decisions. Once the design is agreed upon, a color comp will be provided for approval.


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