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Website Audit Services

A website audit is a great way to determine where to start with your digital marketing strategy. Learn what website audits Pole Position Marketing offers.


Targeted, Actionable Insights For Your Business

They say to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. That applies to digital marketing as much as it does to life. Website audits show you how your website has been performing and the steps needed to take it to the next level. Zero in on the areas of your web presence that need the most attention so you can quickly gain a competitive advantage online over the other brands in your industry.

Individual Audits – $2,500 each

  • Analyitics Audit

    Analytics Audit

    With a deep dive into your website analytics, this audit gives you valuable, actionable insight into the visitors your site receives.

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  • Social Media Audit

    Social Media Audit

    Social media is an important tool in your marketing arsenal, but only if you use it to its fullest potential.

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  • Local SEO Audit

    Local SEO Audit

    If you serve a local clientele, you could be missing opportunities by not optimizing your site for local search.

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  • Content Messaging Audit

    Content Messaging Audit

    Looking at the main pages and sections of your website, the insights provided by this audit can help you create targeted messaging that turns site visitors into customers.

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  • Conversion and Usability

    Conversion & Usability Audit

    If you’re successfully driving traffic to your site, but conversions are nowhere to be found, chances are there’s a problem with your site’s user experience.

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  • SEO and Website Architecture Audit

    SEO & Website Architecture Audit

    The problems you can’t see on your website are likely the ones that are causing the most damage to your online performance.

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  • PPC Audit

    PPC Audit

    Get more results for less money by addressing the issues presented in this audit.

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  • Web Presence Overview – $299

    Looking for something a bit less robust? Our Web Presence Overview provides a general, high-level overview of up to seven segments of your web presence to identify key areas of your site where the most significant gains can be achieved to help guide the direction of your web marketing efforts.

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