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Case Studies

The Pole Position Difference In Action

Our results speak for themselves. Here are just a few examples of how we have accelerated clients’ growth with our digital marketing services.

Specialty Pet Product Site Increases Sales By 226%

Within 7 months of bringing on the Pole Position Marketing team, this well-established specialty pet product website was seeing +80% increase over the previous year. This was after rolling out just seven optimized pages.After 6 months of active marketing, they achieved an increase of 226% in organic sales.

Plastic Card Manufacturer Organic Visits +100%

This plastic cards manufacturer achieved sustained growth in not only the number of organic search visitors but in the quality and relevancy of those visitors. As visits to the site have grown, engagement on the site has grown as well.

In two years, this site increased organic visits from search engines by over 100%.

Plastic Card Manufacturer Growth Stats

High-Tech Company's Massive Organic Search Boost

This client is in a fast-growing, highly competitive high-tech industry. In the first 18 months of working with Pole Position Marketing, they grew in organic search acquisition by over 130%.

High-Tech Company Stats


Fire Hose Seller's New Site Brings +200% Traffic Jump

We developed the website of this fire hose and equipment seller. The new website rolled out in May of year two as noted on the chart below. The website was developed to be search engine friendly on rollout, and we immediately moved into active marketing.

In the first 6 months, they saw an increase of 37% in Organic Traffic and a 200+% increase in all traffic.

fire hose stats


Year-over year Increases For Snowmobile Gear Retailer

This snow sports equipment e-tailer has been a client with PPM for over ten years. During that time they have seen high double-digit growth almost every year, turning them into a powerhouse in the snowmobile industry, which is their primary area of focus.

In this chart, years one and two show a real increase of +65.6% in traffic.

snowmobile gear retailer stats


Battery E-Tailer Sees +200% Increase in Paid & Organic Traffic

This is another long-term client for PPM. Despite increased competition in the sports battery market over the years, we have been successful at keeping them at or near the top of the search results.

We also helped them see a marked increase in their revenue by making optimization changes that resulted in lower rankings, but more pages being ranked, thus bringing in significantly more traffic.

In five years, this client saw an increase of over 200% in paid and organic revenue.

battery etailer digital marketing stats

Flowmeter Manufacturer Increases Social Media Audience Exponentially

In an industry that some might label as too “boring” for social media, this long-term client has proved them wrong. In under four years, we have helped this client increase their Facebook audience by over 600%, LinkedIn by 814%, Twitter by 196%, and YouTube by 742%.

Facebook Ads Sell Out Vineyard Event

During a Facebook Ads training session, we assisted a local winery with the creation of an ad to promote an upcoming big band concert at their venue. The concert had low ticket sales, and they were looking to sell additional seats to ensure a large enough audience to continue with the event.

We assisted them with choosing a precise audience of Facebook users for ad targeting and ad content. The day the Facebook ad began running, phone and online ticket sales picked up. Within three days, the event was sold out, and they ended up adding additional seats.

Air Suspension Manufacturer Finds Unlikely Social Media Success

Another company in a tough industry for social media marketing, this designer and manufacturer of air suspensions for trucks and trailers has grown an impressive social media audience. Within the first year, we helped them increase their audiences on Facebook by over 500%, Twitter by 26%, and LinkedIn by 39% through the use of targeted ads and engaging organic posts.

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